Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Have you ever cleaned your own carpets? It can prove to be a difficult task and is never as easy and as effective as we thought. Yes, professional carpet cleaners make it looks easy and use professional equipment and cleaning products. But, with so many “do-it-yourself” options on the market, many argue the reason for hiring a professional carpet cleaner when you can do it yourself.

In this article we share the top 10 reasons why you should use a professional carpet cleaner.

1. Time Saving

First, the amount of time you save when you hire Zeppelin Cleaning Services is reason enough for most people to choose hiring us to clean your carpets rather than to do it yourself. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean a house of any size, and with an already busy day and life it's much more realistic for most people to hire someone. Zeppelin Cleaning Services doesn’t just clean your carpets though, we can move furniture and make sure that no furniture damages your carpet afterwards should any moisture remain.

2. Easy and Simple

It's incredibly easy when you hire someone to do the job for you. First and foremost, Zeppelin Cleaning Services are experts in carpet cleaning. We are highly trained in cleaning your Metro Detroit home’s dirty carpet. If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, you have to deal with moving all the furniture, renting a carpet cleaner, cleaning the carpet and then returning the carpet cleaner back to the store you rented it from. These machines are often heavy and cumbersome too. All of this to achieve a cleaner carpet which even once you have finished cannot come close to matching the results of what a professional carpet cleaning company like Zeppelin Cleaning Services can produce.

3. Health Conditions

Just like most things in life, a professional will always do a better job than an amateur. Professional carpet cleaners will always do a better job than an amateur with a rented machine. One of the most attractive reasons to hire a pro are the health benefits that arise from a professionally cleaned carpet. One of the biggest reasons for hiring a professional carpet cleaning company like Zeppelin Cleaning Services is that we will get down deep into the carpet and hit all the spots you probably wouldn't when doing it yourself. Vacuuming alone only removes the top layer of dirt, however powerful your vacuum is. Within the carpet fibers and backing is an area which doesn't get touched. This is the part that Zeppelin Cleaning Services can get to. In this area breeds mold & fungus and a place for dust mites to live Dust and any other number of unwanted health hazards can be found. Zeppelin Cleaning Services are able to eliminate these health hazards for you, leaving your carpets fresh and clean.

4. Odors and Smells

Carpets can smell. They are at the bottom of each and every room in your home and as such, everything settles there. With regular foot and pet traffic, all those crumbs, spills, dirt and dust simply disappear into the pile. With our superior carpet cleaning knowledge, we can get rid of all the nasty smells which arise from a dirty carpet. Things like pet stains and food spills as well as general wear and tear all add to the odor problem which occurs within the carpet and just making them doesn't solve the problem. All the scrubbing in the world or off the shelf cleaning products will not get rid of these nasty smells. The majority of products you see in retail stores will only mask the smell for a very short period of time where as Zeppelin Cleaning Services can eliminate them all together with a combination of high powered cleaning technology and solutions.

5. Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Through routine cleaning and maintenance, you can count on the life of your carpet being extended for any number of years depending on the quality and frequency of cleanings. The carpet in your home is just as much of an asset as the paint on your walls, if not more so given the constant traffic.

6. Improve Your Comfort

You probably know the feeling you get when your house is freshly cleaned from top to bottom. It's much more comfortable when you have a clean house and carpet. A clean carpet smells fresh and leaves the house with that new house smell and feeling. A freshly cleaned carpet feels so much better to walk on with bare feet. Once cleaned, it's up to you to take care of the vacuuming and keep that smell and freshness alive as long as possible.

7. Increase the Aesthetics of Your Home

There is nothing worse than walking into a home with a dirty and unkept carpet. It looks bad and can smell bad too. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by Zeppelin Cleaning Services can give your carpets that 'like new' look and feel again.

8. Get the Job Done Right the First Time

One of the major concerns with cleaning a carpet yourself is that it rarely gets done right the first time. We often encounter scenarios where a person cleans their carpet only to contact us to professionally clean the same carpet a week later. You can avoid this and get the job done right the first time. Save yourself the time and money that you could spend on low quality rented cleaners which more often than not don't do anything else than wet the carpet.

9. Eliminate Stains and Maintain Appearance

If your carpet is stained heavily you can count that a professional will get a high percentage of the stains out where as a DIY cleaner probably won't. Here at Zeppelin Cleaning Services we have years of experience in dealing with stains and can identify and adapt our cleaning techniques to suit your specific scenario. Carpet cleaning is more complex than what most people realize. If you are not careful, and use the wrong type of product on a stain you could end up ruining your carpet and cause more damage.

10. Relax Knowing that Your Carpet is in Good Hands

Sit back and relax while Zeppelin Cleaning Services take care of the job for you. There is nothing better than knowing that a professional is doing a job that a rental cleaner simply cannot match.